Relay – King’s Cross

RELAY, our recent programme for the King’s Cross development, was a series of commissions which appeared as this new cityscape unfolded.

RELAY was launched in 2011 with IFO by Jacques Rival, an over-sized illuminated birdcage with a swing for humans. It has since featured two temporary artworks by Felice Varini and Richard Wentworth.

RELAY references the key points at which parts of the development shift from being brownfield land to an active building site, and then in turn from a construction site to a functioning public space. The successive artworks signify the articulation of this new district as it starts to connect with the rest of London.

RELAY also alludes to the extraordinary connectivity of the area and its remarkable heritage: in the 19C, with the construction of the Regent’s Canal and the Midlands Railways terminus, King’s Cross became London’s most significant goods exchange.

The final commission by Marjetica Potrc & Ooze opened in 2015.

Relay Curation




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