Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig


Stitched Panorama

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig – The plant room before it was refurbished – Photo: Falk Messerschmidt

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig is a new cultural center sited in a heritage heating plant in the Lindenau/Plagwitz district of Leipzig. It celebrated its official opening in June 2016 with the exhibition, ILLUSION: Nothing is as it seems, a collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin. The center has a multi-disciplinary approach to programming and regularly hosts dance and theatre events as well as design exhibitions. Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig has two state-of -the-art immersive video rooms respectively  in the former plant and in the boiler room, which currently feature a spectacular son-et-lumière by the Immersive Art Factory. 

Stéphanie Delcroix is in charge of the Visual Arts programme for 2017 and 2018 which will place within the walls of Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig and beyond.