Performance-Reading by Alessandro De Francesco: 13 January 2016

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Reading-Performance by Alessandro De Francesco 

Wednesday 13 January 2016, 6-8 pm

Large Artist’s Studio
Place des Hauts-Fourneaux
L – 4361 Belval / Esch-sur-Alzette

You are warmly invited by Hubertus Von Amelunxen, Président of the Public Art Experience programme, Stéphanie Delcroix and Michael Pinsky, Artistic Directors of the BeHave artists’ residencies, and Luc Dhamen, Director of the Fonds Belval, to the Reading-Performance by Alessandro De Francesco.

During his three-month residency on the Terrasse des Hauts-Fourneaux in Belval, Alessandro De Francesco developed a new body of work shaped by the area’s recently closed steel factory, its past and present realities, its traces in documents and in the urban fabric, and by the words of people working and living around its fetishised remains.  

Esch-Belval, which was once one of Luxembourg’s many steelwork factories, has been preserved and transformed into an urban district and the home of the University of Luxembourg. 

The Reading-Performance will last 45 minutes and will take place in French, English and Italian. It will be followed by refreshments in the presence of the artist.

Grand Atelier d’Artiste is located on the Place des Hauts-Fourneaux

Nearest Public Transport: Esch-Belval station
49.502364, 5.948004